Zoom MVP Beard Pencil
Zoom MVP Beard Pencil
Zoom MVP Beard Pencil
Zoom MVP Beard Pencil

MVP Beard Pencil


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The MVP Beard Pencil is designed to give that perfect "Fresh Cut Friday" feeling whenever you want it. Show the world the best you.
  • Use on Hairlines, Beards, Bald Patches, Mustaches
  • Lineup, Fill in, Brush to Blend
  • Water, Rain, + Sweat Resistant
  • No Smudging on hands or clothes

Line, Fill, and Blend the perfect beard or hairline with our retractable dry wax pencil that is made to resemble real life facial hair. Our plant-based wax is water resistant, rain resistant, smudge-resistant, and will not come off during your normal gym session. Comes in two (2) colors - Black and Chocolate Brown.



Use short strokes to outline your beard and fill in any patchy areas. Blend with the attached brush to even it out for a natural look. To remove, just wash your face with your normal face wash. Each pencil can last approximately 2 months of everyday use. Make sure to not twist out too much product at a time to avoid breaking (all you need is a little at a time!). Start lightly, then apply more pressure to get a darker finish. Please see FAQs below.


Customer Tutorial Videos: CLICK HERE


Usage Guide:



Barber Usage:



Hairline Restoration:

Waterproof Demo:

"Is it really waterproof? What happens if it rains?"


Inside of Pencil:


Q: How long does it stay on for the day?
A: Stays in place for up to 16 hours without smudging. The pencil is small enough to fit in your pocket for a quick touch up after that.

Q:How long does each pencil last?
A: On average, 2 months of everyday use depending on how much surface area you need to cover (small vs larger patches, if you're using for both hairline and beard, etc.)


Q: How much actual product is inside of each pencil?
A: The retractable dry wax formula runs approximately 1 & 1/4 inches in length inside of each pencil (not the entire base of the packaging). Make sure to not twist out too much product at a time to avoid breaking (all you need is a little at a time!). Start lightly, then apply more pressure to get a darker finish.

Q: How is it waterproof?
A: We use a dry, plant-based wax formula so this is NOT a liquid dye. Watch our video to see the waterproof demonstration. This product is built to withstand light exposure to water, not a full blown shower (Lol).

Q: How do you get it off?
A: It comes off with your normal face wash (preferably), or soap + water.

Q: Is this using makeup?
A: You can think of it as an easy at-home alternative to the hair dyes and fibers that barbers expertly put on us at barbershops. Those solutions last 3 days.This pencil gives us our best flex whenever we want.

Q: I have to do this every day?
A: It's no different than the everyday things we already do like brushing teeth and wearing a durag.

Q: Is this realistic for my hair color?
A: We introduced the Chocolate Brown color to give an even more realistic blend that's undetectable for guys with really short hair. However, it really depends on your natural hair color and skin tone.

Q: How is this different from an eyebrow pencil?
A: Similar, but we enhanced the strength and design to be strong enough and suitable for beards/hairlines.


SIZE: 0.3 oz

INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Oil, Water, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax (Brazilian Plant), Ozokerite (Earth Wax), Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Lanolin (Wool Wax), Petrolatum, Mica (Natural Sparkling Powder), Zinc Stearate (Earth Mineral), CI77499/CI77266/CI77891/CI77491/CI77492 (Non-Toxic Iron Oxides used for coloring)

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews

It works awesome when I use it but the length of the pen was extremely short. I used it 4 times and it was gone. Is this normal? Maybe I got a bad batch? No way it lasted 4 uses and I barely applied it when I did use it. Hoping I got a bad pen as I doubt it cost that much for such a small amount.

What's up man! The retractable dry wax formula runs approximately 1 & 1/4 inches in length inside of each pencil, not the entire base of the packaging (listed on our website). Most guys have reported 2-3 months use with that. If this isn't the case with your item then definitely let us know at info@calihndsme.com! We also offer free 1-on-1 video sessions to make sure guys are getting the best use. In the meantime, we've already processed a free replacement product that is being shipped to your address this week!

Kyle Houston
Disappointed a little

I ordered the pencil to add certain thickness to certain spots in my beard. I was excited to get the pencil since I read so many good reviews, only to be disappointed when I tried using it two pieces of the pencil broke right off. I didn't use the pencil hard or anything. Also I thought the pencil was suppose to be water/smudge proof but I noticed it was on my fingers when I tried rubbing my hand on my face lightly. Also realized after kissing my wife she had the pencil on her chin from me that rubbed off.
Definitely not how I expected this pencil to be after the Hype of the website and videos.

Hey Kyle, sorry to hear that you've received a defective item. Your experience does not reflect the quality standards that we've built into our products. Unfortunately with mass producing anything there will be some some variance from time to time. We've gone ahead and shipped new replacement products for you that should be arriving to you within the next few days! Also, feel free to send us an email for a complimentary 1-on-1 tutorial session via video so that we can make sure you're getting the best/proper use out of the tool. Much love man!

Stephain D Davis

Highly recommend this product.

Eromosare Aghomon
Simple and Effective

I’m glad I came across this brand, the pencil was really as good as advertised. It made a significant difference in light spots, without doing too much. I was worried I would look like Carlos Boozier or something lol, but it came out so good. Will be buying another one when I run out.

Great Product!

I cannot grow a beard but purchased it to enhance my hairline after a haircut and the results were better than expected. Product works as advertised and is very water/sweat resistant. I had rinsed my head in the shower and it did not smear or come off, until I used shampoo. It’s natural looking and easy to apply. I highly recommend this product.

David Baptiste
The pen

The pen did what it was suppose to do. Not a bad pen

Terry Bakewell
Definitely a game changer

Makes it easier to grow my beard out. While I’m waiting for my beard to thicken up this gives my beard a fuller look. Keeps me from not wanting to shave down my beard while my new growth can grow in. Will be ordering more in the future for touch ups. Love that it doesn’t come off so easily like other products on Amazon. Lasting longer for me cause I don’t use it as often mostly only on the weekends when I’m off from work. Im masked up on weekdays. Anyway it’s a good tool to have definitely if you line up your own beard or trying to grow out a beard in its early 3 month stage

George Andrade
Little Disaapointed

I was expecting the beard stick to be longer in length. I've had it for less than two weeks and its practically gone :( I've only used it on my beard

What's up George! The actual product inside of each pencil should run about 1 1/4 in length, not the entire base of the packaging. Apologies for the confusion! Typically customers are getting 8-10 weeks of everyday use with each pencil. We've processed a complimentary order for you and are already sending free product your way! Also, feel free to email us at info@calihndsme.com if you'd like to schedule a free consultation/tutorial call with us to go over usage - you should absolutely be getting more than 2 weeks of a fresh beard flex! Much love bro.


Awesome product just wish it lasted longer.

It’s the secret not so secret sauce

It’s one of the best tools you can have for your hair care… Especially for those days after your initial haircut! It helps tighten things up when you’re not able to get to your barber…

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