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Zoom MVP Beard Pencil
Zoom MVP Beard Pencil
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MVP Beard Pencil



The MVP Beard Pencil is designed to give that perfect "Fresh Cut Friday" feeling whenever you want it. Show the world the best you.
  • Use on Hairlines, Beards, Bald Patches, Mustaches
  • Lineup, Fill in, Brush to Blend
  • Waterproof + Sweat Resistant
  • No Smudging on hands or clothes

Line, Fill, and Blend the perfect beard with our retractable wax pencil that is made to resemble real life facial hair. Our plant-based wax is waterproof, smudge-resistant, and will not come off during your normal gym session. Comes in two (2) colors - Black and Chocolate Brown.



Use short strokes to outline your beard and fill in any patchy areas. Blend with the attached brush to even it out for a natural look. To remove, just wash your face with your normal face wash. Each pencil can last approximately 3 months of everyday use.


Usage Guide:



Barber Usage:



Hairline Restoration:

Waterproof Demo:

"Is it really waterproof? What happens if it rains?"



Q: How long does it stay on for the day?
A: Stays in place for up to 16 hours without smudging. The pencil is small enough to fit in your pocket for a quick touch up after that

Q:How long does each pencil last?
A: On average, 3 months of everyday use depending on how much surface area you need to cover (small vs larger patches, if you're using for both hairline and beard, etc.)

Q: How is it waterproof?
A: We use a dry, plant-based wax formula so this is NOT a liquid dye. Watch our video to see the waterproof demonstration.

Q: How do you get it off?
A: It comes off with your normal face wash (preferably), or soap + water.

Q: Is this using makeup?
A: You can think of it as an easy at-home alternative to the hair dyes and fibers that barbers expertly put on us at barbershops. Those solutions last 3 days.This pencil gives us our best flex whenever we want.

Q: I have to do this every day?
A: It's no different than the everyday things we already do like brushing teeth and wearing a durag.

Q: Is this realistic for my hair color?
A: We introduced the Chocolate Brown color to give an even more realistic blend that's undetectable for guys with really short hair. However, it really depends on your natural hair color and skin tone.

Q: How is this different from an eyebrow pencil?
A: Similar, but we enhanced the strength and design to be strong enough and suitable for beards/hairlines.


SIZE: 0.3 oz

INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Oil, Water, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax (Brazilian Plant), Ozokerite (Earth Wax), Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Lanolin (Wool Wax), Petrolatum, Mica (Natural Sparkling Powder), Zinc Stearate (Earth Mineral), CI77499/CI77266/CI77891/CI77491/CI77492 (Non-Toxic Iron Oxides used for coloring)

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Great Product

I loved the ease of use and the lasting effect of the application. Bravo!

T. Mags Wezhira
Great Product, Even Greater Customer Service!

Had this product recommended by a friend. Unfortunately the item I received had been damaged in the mail. I let their team know. Within a couple of days, I received a new package (with two items), as well as a follow up email to get my feedback. Firstly the product is better than advertised. Secondly, the attention to their customer service is incredible, considering that this is not really an expensive purchase. This was a great experience, and I am certainly recommending it to all members of my "Baldy-locks" crew. 5-star product, 5-star customer service.

Durce Jackson
Product doesn't last long

Would give the product 5stars but it only last for a week. 3rd time using the product it broke on me.

Hey man, we're happy you love the effectiveness of the product! Sorry to hear you received one that broke. That is absolutely not up to our standards. Another MVP Beard Pencil has been shipped and is already on its way to your address.

Al-fatir Connor
Great customer service and product

The product is definitely top notch. It works as advertised. Makes my beard look much fuller and the lines cleaner 👍🏽

Cali Handsome review

Great product…makes my beard look fuller and more defined!!!

Great product

This product gave new life my hairline. I’ve been a little insecure about my hairline receding and have acquired a large hat collection, lol. This product lets me go out without a hat on occasion and gave me some of my confidence back.

frank turner

MVP Beard Pencil

Kerlin Destinville

works well

sione finau
Awesome product

What an awesome product

Hair Line Enhancer

Great Product to enhance your Grooming needs

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