Our Story

After working in the fashion/grooming industry for 7 years, I left a job at one of the biggest beauty brands in the world – L’Oréal – to launch my own skincare company for men. I was frustrated by the lack of premium products catered towards Black male consumers and recognized a deeper need for a luxury skincare experience.


We launched our algae-based skincare collection in May 2020, and quickly caught the attention of major retailer EXPRESS who began offering our skincare products online at Express.com in September of 2020. In November of that year, we received a 2020 Grooming Award.


January 2021 we launched our first male “HNDSME Tool” – the MVP Beard Pencil – designed to help guys fill patchy beards/hairlines and keep a fresh appearance in between barbershop appointments (tutorial here). I lost my hair when I was just 24 years old, so I know first-hand what it’s like to rely on beard tricks as a source of confidence. Four months after introduction, the beard pencil received a 2021 Grooming Award for Best New Beard Product of The Year.


Our company is helping innovate how guys approach taking care of their outer appearance and how that can positively impact the inner mental health. I want everything about our company and business to inspire men to love their appearance and walk in the most confident versions of themselves

Everyone deserves to be Handsome AF!

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-Rocky Collins ( @therockycollins )