1. DON’T WAIT: Start finding the new hair cut that’s best for you.
A good tip is to have your barber gradually cut your hair lower over time, and even try mixing in some dope side fades. This will not only help blend your thin spots, but it’ll help you get comfortable/ease into having less hair on your head. Too many guys hold on to their “glory years” for too long and honestly end up looking silly.
2. STOP STRESSING: This is hard, but most important.
A lot of things cause us to over stress – lack of sleep, shitty bosses at work, etc – but regardless, stress is the biggest factor in hairloss. “It causes an autoimmune response where the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles resulting in hairloss”, Dr. Michele Green (one of NYC’s top dermatologists).
So do whatever the fuck you need for your own sanity – working out, putting your phone on DND at night, calling out of work mid-week, journaling your thoughts, binging anime on Netflix, whatever. Find what works for you to be more relaxed.
3. GET YOUR VITAMINS: Be proactive bro.
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but your diet plays a factor bro. A nutrient-rich and health-conscious diet will cover most of the bases, but adding in Vitamin B Complex, Zinc, and Biotin promotes thicker, stronger, and longer hair.
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